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teSâ–  <br />THE TORONTO AND REGION CONSERVATION AUTHORITY <br />MEETING OF THE AUTHORITY Annual #1/08 <br />February 29, 2008 <br />The Authority Meeting Annual #1/08, was held in the Theatres, Black Creek Pioneer <br />Village, on Friday, February 29, 2008. The Chair Gerri Lynn O'Connor, called the meeting <br />to order,at 10:43 a.m. <br />PRESENT <br />Eve Adams <br />Paul Ainslie <br />Maria Augimeri <br />David Barrow <br />Bryan Bertie <br />Laurie Bruce <br />Gay Cowbourne <br />Glenn De Baeremaeker <br />Bill Fisch <br />Rob Ford <br />Grant Gibson <br />Lois Griffin <br />Suzan Hall <br />Jack Heath <br />Colleen Jordan <br />Glenn Mason <br />Reenga Mathivanan <br />Ron Moeser <br />Gerri Lynn O'Connor <br />John Parker <br />Maja Prentice <br />Gino Rosati . <br />John Sprovieri <br />Richard Whitehead <br />Member <br />Member <br />Vice Chair <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Chair <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />Member <br />ABSENT <br />Bonnie Littley Member. <br />Peter Milczyn Member <br />Linda Pabst Member <br />Anthony Perruzza Member <br />1 <br />